Somewhere, but not here

*Inspired from Porcupine Tree’s ‘Arriving Somewhere, but not here’.

We purposelessly exist. Our conscience thrives like the lonely pebbles in a beach, kissed every moment by the gracious sea-waves of existence, yet unable to retain any of that love. People think they have a meaningful life, working day in and day out like metronome. The baton is passed to the child even when he/she’s in the womb, and along comes a huge instruction manual of fulfilling everybody’s expectations. Unceremoniously, you are thrust into the vicious world and are expected to perform better than the other rats in the race.

Where does your soul go amongst these closing walls? It just sits there, purposeless, counting the pebbles on the beach you never had a chance to go. It trots the mountain valleys, looking at the golden tint that rocks adorn in the dying lights of the sun. Yet, it never comes back to you, because you never ask. You are too content living a purposeless life in the façade of a purposeful one. After your days are over, your body gets purged; your existence leaves away – nothing. Fading away is painful. Even more when you realize that all you ever did in your life was to complete a few tasks from the manual that you carried around with you since they cut your umbilical cord.

You fade away, into abyss.

You arrive somewhere, but not here.

Your soul turns into a pebble.


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