A little more whining

Why do we fall? Because we can pick ourselves up – goes a cliched, heavily used movie line. As with the scripted dialogues, most of us don’t or can’t relate to them when facing actual situations.When we’re down, we’re just down. Everything looks stale. But I’m not going to talk about this right now. Maybe later.

Lack of challenge is very detrimental to anyone who loves taking them, and nowadays I am feeling a complete degeneration in progress for me. No challenging work, no challenging situations where I can use my creativity – this is slowly but surely halting a sort of mental evolution that a man or a woman goes through with age. Awkwardly enough, I gather more acquaintances who seem to believe I am their white knight. Ivy tells me that’s because of my own attention seeking nature. It’s all in the subconscious, she tells me. How can I control the subconscious? It’s in a league of its own.

People are going places around me. Some to Japan, some to US, some to even more interesting places like Philippines and Paris. I am not essentially complaining about the whole scenario, but some things could certainly have been better. I should stop whining, really.

‘Lord of the flies’ is interesting, by the way. And oh, I got my first taste of literary rejection this week. A friend tells me Sylvia Plath was rejected fifty times before she made it big. ‘I ain’t Sylvia Plath’, I tell her. She shakes her head, the metaphor goes in vain. She whines sometimes as well. I tell her weird metaphors, trying to soothe her devastated psyche. I offer nothing new, yet she keeps coming back to me.

I need to finish the story about the devil I started sometime back. Quite often things you start on the spur of a rage fizzle out after a while. You don’t remain angry anymore, and the reason to start that or continue that chore fades away. It’s kinda annoying, but true.

Getting back at it. A full day awaits.


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