The notes of the piano kissed him awake.

With sunlight still not strong enough to light the entirety of the bedroom, he with his dizzy eyes could hardly find the way out. Yet he was going to the right direction, like a sleepwalker, trailing through the hallway.

His mind was drifting backwards ~

He had heard this tune before. This was something hidden inside the farthest corner of his mind – something he thought he had destroyed years ago.

Her hands, the smell of her hair falling on his face; things long forgotten, emotions long forlorn.

“Don’t touch the keys, Tama” a female voice emerged from the abyss.

“But mother, I want to play like you!” A chirpy reply.

“Someday you will, love”

As the voices had crept out, they succumbed into the void in the same way.


The cry echoed within the walls of the hallowed hallway. The resonating howl jerked him awake.

He was standing near the piano. A couple of violet poppies were there on the keys, carelessly hanging around.

There was a picture of a beautiful lady on one of the walls. The golden rays of the sun fell on her face.

She was smiling.


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