Random scribbles about her

Love is a wonderful pain to experience. The casual trots on the skimpy alleys – to the hide-n-seek amongst multitude of perverts, old hags, to kissing in the middle of a goat herd, to breaking the law in the book store, to a quiet, charming afternoon lying in her laps, embracing her lips on mine – how many experiences will I write about? Freedom. Love makes you free.

I was thinking about the dusk,

the chrome-yellow sun dying, blood-red rays painting the sky

Me and her, in Eliot Park, sneaking under the umbrella.

Laughing like perverts,

Kissing like perverts,

The little breeze in her hair, my head on her lap,

my views onto her eyes.

loving, unloving, rewinding, unwinding ~

I was getting wet in the rain.

Bound by the walls of my tears, my pain

until she set me free.


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