Celebration, and wishes

The afternoon slowly merges into dusk,

Then makes love with the darkness of night; slowly

the city puts on electric eyes, myriad of colors.

People hopping from one pandal to another; the kid crying.

He wants that gun, that balloon, that smudgy green tang which the badamwallah

Miserly adds to the mixture every time.

Wishers flounder, under the rusty lamp-post, behind the bamboo construct,

in brightly lit alleyways – on balconies, beyond the old speckled eyes.

The city dresses like a queen to celebrate.

She dresses like one too, her makeup bright, her lipstick verbose red.

Time for her to spread the legs; a car approaches – wishes flounder.

Bright lights, the greatest festival, and

Wishes, lots of them, raising their heads,



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