Dream a little dream

A beautiful dream..lush valleys and crimean yellow dandelions.

Let’s start with a dream. For better or for worse, we are blessed with the gift of concrete expressions, and the ability to write it down, on paper, or on any media we find. When the first human stepped his feet on this warm soil, he had nothing except vivid imagination, with which he framed this uncharted land. The genes had hence been long embedded inside us, prodding and prowling and coming out roaring whenever we had allowed it to be.

It’s not bad. It has never been.

Dreamer – how many of us want to be a dreamer? In this world where we measure everything in materialistic eyes, growing up as a dreamer might not pose as a lucrative choice to us, the young generation. When we grow up, we shed our basic feathers, and don in a shell which is hard to permeate, a hard-skin made to survive even the most brutal of storms. But inside those milk-teeth are lost our beautiful imaginations, our silly dreams and our out of the box creativities. By the time we’re out of college, the society had prepared us according to their needs, a molded chocolate box ready to be served.

Dreaming hardly matters these days. This is why our world is becoming boring, a monochrome of steel and concrete, proudly hulking its head trying to outshine the Sun.

And yet the world’s greatest stories, the best adventures wouldn’t have come true if we hadn’t dared.

It isn’t a sin to dream, is it now?


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