A love poem about hate

I have been weak for you

in the knees, in the heart, in 

places where I’ve been keeping away

feelings. You

shone brighter than a star in my world,

but not

because I was falling for you, but

I loathed you.

You were my obsession, like

a vulture eying a cadaver

salivating on the sight of



I hated you so much that

I loved you.

My days started

with your picture

on my phone, ending

with your mails; Words that you wrote

to me eons ago, burning through

my defenses of sanity.

Telling me you

fell for me too, and

you ended up

hating me

almost the same way, like I did

all these years.

Don’t think this as my

kneeling down for forgiveness;

Once I used to care.

Once I used

to hate.

Those burning feelings have long

turned into igneous shards,

blunt memories

telling me of a time

of a hate more delicious

than love.